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Why I'm Running

“Our work together over the past 8 years has had a transformational impact on the Eastside. We’ve come this far because we’ve never settled for ‘good enough,’ and as long as I’m your City Council Member, we never will.”

- Kevin Reich

“I've seen up close how Kevin’s efforts in neighborhood engagement and youth initiatives on the Eastside have connected across the river and positively impacted our community on the Northside. Now he is a Council Member who knows that end results are ultimately what matter; and his work to promote youth employment and empowerment has led to direct positive results. Kevin understands that a city is only great if all its residents have access to opportunity, and he knows we still have challenging work ahead of us…”
James Everett
James Everett, Community Organizer and Activist

Re-Elect Council Member Kevin Reich on Tuesday, November 7th

Let's Continue Making Real Change for Eastside Neighborhoods
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