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Why I'm Running

“Our work together over the past 8 years has had a transformational impact on the Eastside. We’ve come this far because we’ve never settled for ‘good enough,’ and as long as I’m your City Council Member, we never will.”

- Kevin Reich

“I support Kevin Reich’s re-election because I want our community to continue to evolve as a safe and vibrant place, full of opportunities for kids and families of all backgrounds. Kevin believes in our public schools and has made sure that kids have real-world educational opportunities right in our community... If he believes that the interests of our community and city aren’t being served, he’ll come to the table with a solution to make it happen. His work to make sure impacted Northeast communities along the Mississippi were included in the City’s Green Zones policy is just one example of how he has fought for equitable health and environmental initiatives for the Eastside, which make a difference for our community now and for future generations...”
Susan Tuck
Susan Tuck, Eastside Resident & Teacher

Re-Elect Council Member Kevin Reich on Tuesday, November 7th

Let's Continue Making Real Change for Eastside Neighborhoods
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