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Why I'm Running

"What's good for Ward 1 is good for all of Minneapolis. I believe in a holistic and integrated approach to governance and community partnerships, resulting in resource efficiency and greater overall public benefit. In a nutshell, it's all about experienced leadership with progressive results."

- Kevin Reich

April 4th 7 PM Caucus Locations: Ward 1

Precinct 1
Columbia Manor ( Columbia Golf Course )
Precinct 2
Northeast middle school
Precinct 3
Northeast middle school
Precinct 4
Northeast middle school
Precinct 5
Pillsbury elementary school
Precinct 6
Parker Skyview 1815 Central Ave NE
Precinct 7
Heritage Academy (Tuttle Elementary)
Precinct 8
Thomas Edison High School
Precinct 9
Thomas Edison High School
Precinct 10
Columbia Manor ( Columbia Golf Course )


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