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Why I'm Running

“Our work together over the past 8 years has had a transformational impact on the Eastside. We’ve come this far because we’ve never settled for ‘good enough,’ and as long as I’m your City Council Member, we never will.”

- Kevin Reich

“A little over two years ago Kevin celebrated with us as we officially opened our school in a renovated storefront on Central Avenue and he has been a staunch supporter and ally ever since. I was drawn to this space because of the buzz of activity all up and down the Avenue – bikers and pedestrians seemed to be everywhere. And it’s only gotten more lively! I remember when Central was not as vibrant, and as a long-time Northeaster I am grateful for those like Kevin who saw the vision of our “Main Street” and did the work to make it happen… Join me in supporting Kevin Reich for Ward 1…”
Sarah Jane Perbix
Sarah Jane Perbix, Eastside Resident, Local Musician & Central Avenue Business Owner

Re-Elect Council Member Kevin Reich on Tuesday, November 7th

Let's Continue Making Real Change for Eastside Neighborhoods
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