One of the controversial Republican initiatives in the Legislature this session is “preemption,”a prohibition on cities imposing their own workplace regulations. It’s basically a direct attack on Minneapolis’s efforts to lead on ensuring workers’ rights and protections and a prohibition on policymakers' ability to respond to their community.

Progressive values are part of the fabric of life in Minneapolis; we choose to live here because of how we treat our neighbors. I chose to get into government service because I believed the local government could make a difference in people’s lives, especially people with less opportunity.

Last year the City Council took on a set of complex workplace issues seriously, with the goal of working hard to determine the best solutions for the people of Minneapolis. We did both direct community engagement as well as thorough staff analysis of each issue. The decisions we are making are thoughtful, well-considered and reflective of our community. That is the purpose of the City Council and we want to be able to keep making the right decisions. It’s disturbing that Republican legislators from other parts of the state could tell us what our values should be. I want the ability to have thoughtful community conversations, listening to all sides of an issue, and the ability to turn those conversations into action that works for our community as a whole, both local businesses and their workers. Minneapolis deserves no less. I will keep fighting every day for what’s best for Minneapolis.


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