Why Caucus for Kevin


Hello Neighbor, 

As we prepare to go to caucuses tomorrow, I wanted to share with you the basic values that inform the work I do, and the specific priorities I have going forward.
The first, and most important, principle that guides my work is taking care of our neighbors. By this I mean people on our block, people in our ward, and people in our city. This is our community, and a critical part of being a community is that we support each other. As your Council Member, this turns into action as I:

  • Expand affordable housing in the ward

  • Fight to eliminate the disparities our immigrant neighbors and people of color within our community face

  • Advocate for better wages and workplace benefits that work for all residents and small businesses

Second, I place a high value on improving our local environment and health. I started out my career as an environmental activist, and making our community healthier to live in is a passion of mine. I want to:

  • Continue our work cleaning up the Mississippi River and Northeast’s riverfront, and improve our neighborhoods’ connection to the River, to make it world-class

  • Improve access to public transportation, including building out a smart, multimodal transit system, including the completion of the Great Northern Bikeway

  • Build on our many successes to clean up historically polluted industrial land and convert it to higher, better uses

Finally, I want to encourage sustainable growth. If we can help small businesses do better, we improve opportunity for all residents and reduce the presence of chains and their negative impacts on our community. We need to:

  • Invest more in cooperatives, the creative fields, and other locally-driven businesses. These are both more sustainable, but return more income to regular people in our neighborhoods.

  • Level the playing field for local small businesses

  • Bring to Lowry the kind of economic improvements that have revived Central

And while these principles motivate me every day, I also place a high value on thoughtful planning and solutions which can be implemented. A great solution in action is better than a perfect one that can’t be done. I’m a doer, and I’m proud of what I’ve done in eight years on the Council. There’s still more to do, and that’s the kind of challenge I like.
See you at caucuses!



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