Bikes & Transportation

Kevin Reich believes that good local transit is an essential element of a safe, healthy, attractive, and livable city. Public transit needs to be an efficient, reliable and appealing option for all people, not just a last option for those who have no other choice. In addition, walking and bicycling must be promoted as healthy and safe options for the able-bodied. As your City Council Member and Chair of the Transportation Committee, Kevin has and will continue to:

  • Make streets, neighborhoods and commercial districts more pedestrian-oriented.
  • Increase the greenery on streets to encourage people to get out of their cars (which also helps reduce the heat island effect).
  • Implement traffic-calming methods so that the design of local streets promotes safe speeds and safe interaction with pedestrians.
  • Develop extensive networks of bicycle lanes, bike boulevards and paths that smartly connect Ward 1 to all neighborhoods of Minneapolis and all neighborhoods of the City to Ward 1 (while making it safe for bikers to co-exist with traffic).
  • Provide adequate bike parking at all transit stations and other public destinations.
  • Direct resources and subsidies into expanding transit options like mass transit that provide service to the most people at the lowest financial and environmental cost.
  • Use existing auto infrastructure for bike and transit expansion where possible.
  • Include pedestrian, bicycle and transportation issues in all land use decisions.
  • Green the Fleet – continue to make all City public vehicles fuel-efficient, such as hybrids, as well as fuel cell, solar, electric and other non-fossil fuel powered vehicles.

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