Public Safety and Police Accountability

Mistrust of our police department is unacceptable and untenable, but we cannot get paralyzed by the problem: we need results.

I've supported every thoughtful reform that was brought forward to re-envision our police department:

  • We've initiated body cameras and revised our “use of force” guidelines.

  • We've implemented programs that prioritize prevention, community safety and public health, like the Next-Step hospital-based violence intervention program and enhanced domestic violence prevention programs.

  • We've mandated department-wide Crisis Intervention, Procedural Justice, De-escalation and Implicit Bias training for all officers.

  • We've created new pathways to build a more culturally diverse police department. The Community Service Officer Program provides a pathway into the Minneapolis Police Department specifically for non-traditional candidates. The City’s most recent class of CSOs was 61% people of color.

More must be done, and reforms that aren’t fully implemented are meaningless. We need a culture change and system of effective accountability and transparency.

  • We must keep the 2nd precinct crime rate the lowest in the city while aligning our department with the highest goals of transparency, inclusion, and community engagement.

  • We must lobby the State legislature for changes in legal standards of accountability so we can enact true civilian oversight.

  • We need focused tracking of implementation, such as the recently undertaken internal audit of the body camera program.

  • We must insist on follow through on promised procedures such as extended mentoring of new police recruits.

  • We must pursue community policing, and fund and deepen the work the department has already begun on implicit bias, de-escalation and crisis intervention training, making those elements a central focus of our police force.

  • We must expand our current co-responder program and other programs that improve individualized police response for individuals with unique needs.

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