Let's Continue Making Real Change for the Eastside

I’m proud to have represented Ward one on the Minneapolis City Council for two terms and the progress we’ve made working together as a community.

For the past 8 years, we’ve been turning conversations into action, forging lasting community alliances, and activating them to create a groundswell of change and revitalization. We have made the Ward 1 neighborhoods the new standard for progress and growth, and we did it on our own terms. I’ve always believed local government can make a positive difference in people’s lives, especially the most vulnerable among us. It’s why I chose a life in public service and why I decided to run for City Council. Today, I’ve never been more confident in that belief.

Together, we transformed the Central Avenue commercial district into the vibrant small-business community it is today. We invested in multimodal public transportation that works for all Ward One residents. We implemented innovative environmental solutions, setting a city-wide example of sustainability practices. And we invested in creative industries and artists, bringing economic vitality and defining a new Eastside experience for residents and visitors alike.

Our work together has had a transformational impact on the Eastside. We’ve come this far because we’ve never settled for ‘good enough,’ and as long as I’m your City Council Member, we never will. I ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 7th so we can continue bringing real change to our neighborhoods.

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